ClinOne and PRIMR Join Forces to Enhance Clinical Trial Engagement     

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The partnership will see PRIMR’s content featured on the ClinOne platform, effectively boosting engagement for both healthcare providers and potential trial participants.

Boston, MA, USA- 13th July 2023: ClinOne, the leading provider of adaptive clinical trial experience solutions, has today announced a joint initiative with PRIMR, a leading oncology patient education company. This collaboration stems from a shared vision that engaging educational content enhances participants’ and caregivers’ ability to be successful in clinical trials.

Clinical trials can be scary, daunting, and most of all difficult for participants to understand. PRIMR’s unique ability to produce captivating and expertly crafted educational content for participants and healthcare providers delivered throughout the ClinOne Platform aims to address these complexities – ultimately making clinical trials more accessible to everyone.

Through this partnership, PRIMR and ClinOne are empowering healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers to navigate the multi-faceted, complex experience of clinical research with confidence. By simplifying trial information and promoting trial awareness, they are creating a stronger foundation for successful patient recruitment and retention.

“Augmenting the text-dense process of clinical research participation with elegant video education is crucial to retention and understanding,” says Brian Ongioni, Vice President of Products at ClinOne. “By joining forces with best in industry partners, ClinOne continues to break down the silos of our industry and promote collaboration needed to make good on the promise of a better way to do things.”

“We are truly excited about the potential of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on the clinical trial landscape. PRIMR and ClinOne are committed to pushing the boundaries of patient and HCP engagement with simple, accessible content, optimal efficiency, and minimal friction. This collaboration marks an important step towards achieving that goal,” says David Grew, MD, Radiation Oncologist and Founder of PRIMR.

To learn more about ClinOne’s and PRIMR’s solutions, visit and

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ClinOne connects, informs, and empowers patients, caregivers, and sites in clinical trials with a true single platform for trial awareness, consent management, and patient engagement – underpinned with comprehensive data insights tools. Used by more than 80 sponsors, CROs, and site networks in 60 countries, our solutions are proven to reduce risk and simplify complex processes for therapeutic areas and patient populations including Oncology, Rare Diseases, Pediatrics, the Elderly, and CNS. Designed in collaboration with sites and with participants and caregivers in mind, ClinOne features the industry’s fastest deployment, cost-efficient scale for trials of all sizes, and seamless API integrations to provide the results you need – and the experience your patients deserve. Ready to keep patients, sites, and study teams active and engaged throughout your clinical trial? Let’s get creative at


PRIMR is the leading oncology patient education content service company. PRIMR builds simple, engaging, IRB-approved content using our proprietary method prioritizing speed and quality by leveraging physician writers, LLMs, and medical graphics designers. Our goal is to help patients understand your clinical trial and remain engaged throughout the trial process, from screening through follow-up. With 100% IRB approval, we de-risk trial marketing spend with guaranteed usable products. PRIMR harvests engagement analytics and serves PIs, sites, and sponsors with valuable data-driven insights to improve resource allocation strategies, accelerate accrual, and reduce budget burn rate. Start building your trial’s content strategy today with PRIMR.

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