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81% of patients who had NOT participated in a clinical trial indicated they would be likely to, if they were referred by a physician (PharmaIntelligence, July 2021)

Increase Trial Awareness

Your sites are busy. They simply do not have the time to spend reaching out to local healthcare providers to share information about your clinical trial. As a result, providers with potentially eligible patients are often unaware of studies happening on their own campus, let alone across town. 

ClinOne is an awareness generator for your trial – featuring our three-step approach:

Identify ideal HCPs within our proprietary network who are located near your enrolling sites and have relevant specialties
Ensure reach and frequency with twice-monthly electronic newsletters sharing a consistent message
Keep your trial top of mind with local HCPs when they are meeting with potentially eligible patients

Newsletters include information HCPs care about, including goals of the study, I/E criteria, distance to nearby enrolling sites, and more. HCPs tell us they appreciate our messages because each communication is relevant and personalized, from a trusted source, and is simple and straight-forward to use.

Activate HCP Communities

As noted in Applied Clinical Trials (June 2019), “General practitioners often are not involved in the recruitment strategy for clinical trials. [Sites and PIs] reaching out to local physicians to increase knowledge about trials and generate confidence can facilitate referrals.” 

We agree because we’ve seen it first-hand. Activating local HCP communities can have a significant impact on awareness, which can in turn lead to increased activity including referrals, screenings, and potential enrollments. It also encourages peer-to-peer conversations among providers, sites, and key opinion leaders about your study, without any effort from your team.

In addition, HCPs have exclusive access to huge patient pools (who largely trust their recommendations), enabling your trial information to gain exponential exposure to dozens or hundreds of potential participants each year – at a fraction of the cost and time to try to reach them individually.

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Save Sites Time

Your sites do not have time to build relationships and engage local HCPs to raise awareness of your clinical trial.

We do.

Our trial awareness solution fits inside your budget and can be up and running in as few as two weeks, which also makes it ideal for rescue studies. And it frees time and burden from your sites so they can focus on more important things – like caring for the patients in your trial.

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Better with Uber

New trial opportunities are even more valuable when coupled with transportation that will help patients participate. Our Uber Health partnership alleviates financial and scheduling burdens for patients in trials that limit the ability to drive, have physical or mental barriers, or rely on a caregiver for transportation. 

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