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ClinTrialConnect Knowledge Base

A digital concierge for patients to navigate through the complexities of trial participation    

Schedule Of Events Manager

Revolutionizing patient procedure management to eliminate missed 

procedures, protocol deviations and real-time monitoring    

Global Workflow Management

A single study can require research sites to perform 400 to 800 investigational procedures per patient, or 140,000 procedures if they have enrolled 3 patients per study across their portfolio of 30 to 60 studies. 

To eliminate missed procedures and unnecessary protocol deviations, ClinOne has simplified how research sites manage and organize their patient procedures across multiple studies, arms and visits through our mobile workflow technology. The technology digitally connects entire research teams across a research site, building or campus. 

Enable the Power of Referrals

As many as 90% of physicians believe their patient should have a clinical trial option, but fewer than 0.2% of their patients are referred to a trial with a key reason being the inability to access information.  ClinOne provides real-time updates for trials that focus on a physician’s patient population. Once a study has been identified, the referring physician and patient can connect with the coordinator at an active nearby research site, helping to achieve trial enrollment goals more quickly.

Patient e-Portal Knowledge Base

40% of patients report not understanding the nature of clinical trials and fewer than 2% of patients receive information about the trials they are considering.   ClinTrialConnect is reshaping how patients interact with information while exploring clinical trial participation by providing a knowledge base portal to learn about a specific clinical trial, and allowing them to share details with family members.  

ClinTrialConnect Digital Concierge

Empowering patients with a digital concierge to navigate through the complexities of trial participation, increasing compliance and retention    

Appointment Manager

42% of patients fail to meet study visit requirements after enrollment. Over 80% of studies fail to retain patients for the complete duration of a trial.

ClinOne provides patients with a digital concierge technology to manage their clinical trial experience, assuring greater visit compliance and retention in studies. ClinOne’s technologies provide patients and their families a central resource to manage their visits calendar, guidance on travel/logistics with Google Maps integration, visit expectations, alerts and reminders across 30 languages.


Secure Messaging & Texting

92% of research sites are challenged with effectively communicating with their research patients resulting in missed appointments, insufficient preparedness for visits and lack of study engagement. ClinOne has integrated a secure messaging platform between research sites and research patients to provide HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted, continuous communication and document sharing. Study sponsors may also provide IRB approved study-level messaging to patients to maintain study engagement, provide study updates and safety updates with read confirmations. 

Adverse Events Manager

Providing research teams immediate access for A/E handling


Real-Time A/E Management

Adverse events can occur unexpectedly requiring investigators to rapidly respond and make treatment decisions using study-defined guidelines that are buried within an extensive protocol document.  ClinOne programs the dose modifications and adverse events of special interest guidelines from the protocol and places them in a simple, searchable format for investigators and study personnel.

Study Document Management

Study documents and safety updates are critical for a patient and their families. ClinOne's Digital Concierge provides patients with a HIPAA compliant study management portal to manage informed consents, study documents and safety letters. Research sites and sponsors can upload documents into a patient's document portal to build a complete online document library to improve the patient's experience. Read confirmations are sent back to the research sites to improve compliance and documentation. 

ClinOne Core Solution

Providing clinical research at the point-of-care through our 

web and mobile applications 


Digital Study Community

ClinOne simplifies continuous site engagement through the study community including study updates, cohort updates, clarifications, webinars and weekly/monthly updates. The technology provides real-time push notifications, e-mail messaging and read confirmations. The system may also be utilized for forum-like discussions across your study sites to engage. 

Study Documents and Videos

ClinOne delivers a digital study binder through our web and mobile applications that are version and language controlled for global deployment. Our video technologies enable sponsors to provide video updates, recorded investigator meetings, CEO messages, KOL presentations, training videos and visual guidance for complex procedures. 

Screening at the Point-Of-Care

ClinOne integrates with a patients treatment path and allows research teams to identify which study is best suited for each patient. The technology provides real-time screening for the latest protocol version.  It's the second most utilized feature within the ClinOne Core Solution, screening patients within 60 seconds. 


ClinOne provide a real-time active directory of study personnel, vendors, and other site users. The personnel and vendors are assigned to each site, tailoring contacts to the appropriate sites. Through a click of the phone icon or e-mail, research teams may immediately dial or e-mail contacts for efficient connectivity. 

Try Our Patient Concierge Demo:

1. Navigate to our Patient e-Portal at  www.ClinTrialConnect.com

2. Login with the following demo credentials:

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