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ClinOne is the leading remote patient experience management solution designed to help sponsors and sites manage the challenges of COVID19

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As a patient, I want to understand my options better while becoming part of a clinical trial. It would be great to have something to reference and resources for this!


I would like to reference my consent form. I wish there was a way to electronically store my consent and access it when I want.

Digital Concierge

As a patient, I wish I had an electronic system to help me keep track of all the information I’ve received for this study, like help navigating the trial process, organizing my visit calendar, and what to expect at each study visit.


As a patient, getting to and from my doctor visits can be a challenge; so staying with my clinical trial can be difficult. I’d love a way that would make this easier or more automatic for me.

Dosing Manager

With my day-to-day schedule it can be hard remembering to take my study medication. It would be nice to receive a simple daily reminder.

Patient Voice

I would love to provide feedback on my experience participating in a clinical trial. I wish there was an easy way for my voice to be heard.

Patient-focused Study Modules


eConsent completely eliminates consent based deviations.

Simple-to-use technology & workflow with onsite and remote consenting

ClinOne eConsent is highly flexible and can accommodate a broad range of signers, including those who consent remotely

Video eConsent brings trials to the patient, combining video conferencing and e-signature in a single application. Patients, caretakers, co-parents, sites and translators can all be involved.

Entire consent process is documented, generating a comprehensive consent log including ID’ing participants, steps taken, duration on each page and questions encountered

Consent log is automatically added to final page of ICF

Patients can receive their signed consent via secure email or by downloading and printing

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Substantially increasing patients’ understanding of trials.

Enhancing patients’ clinical trial communication experience

KnowledgeBase provides patients and caregivers access
to important information about their disease, study
details and frequently asked questions.

Digital Concierge

Increasing patient compliance by two-fold while increasing average retention.

42% of patients fail to meet study visit requirements after enrollment

ClinOne provides patients with a digital concierge to
manage their clinical trial experience, assuring greater visit compliance and retention. They can manage their visits, get guidance on travel options with Google Maps integration, get
specific research visit details, as well as study specific alerts and
reminders through the app.

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Patient rides: providing easy access to the Uber Health app for visit transportation needs

ClinOne and Uber Health have partnered to provide patients with the option of utilizing Uber’s ride-sharing application to get to and from visits

Seamless integration with our Digital Concierge suite allows patients to simply request an Uber for each of their visits, with the ability to schedule in advance

When patients are picked up by Uber, family and site staff are notified via text and email alerts

Dosing Manager

Dosing Manager maintains a 95% or higher dosing compliance rate.

Provides patients with an interactive text to manage their self-dosing requirements

Patients receive dosing reminders and send confirmations to/from their mobile phone, wearable device, laptop or tablet

Patient reminders are sent specific to the protocol treatment schedule, time zone and in the patient’s native language

eDosing Manager records when reminders are sent and read, and when confirmations are sent and received

Sites receive weekly reports with summary of their patients’ dosing compliance, allowing for proactive adherence management.

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Patient Voice

Patient Voice provides for integrated patient feedback to keep them engaged

Patient Voice allows patients to provide personalized feedback about their clinical trial experience

Patient Voice can distribute the patient surveys at predetermined times throughout the studies

ClinOne provides trending reports with predictive indicators of patient compliance and risk of non-medical indicators which may impact study withdrawal

It benchmarks patient satisfaction across research sites to help identify sites that are fully engaged with their patients or which are underperforming

Sponsors and CROs can quickly intervene and provide greater support, focusing their attention on areas where patients have reported dissatisfaction

Site-facing Study Modules

MD Referral

MD Referral provides a 90% increase in enrollment for each of your existing sites.

Our leading referral technology to accelerate recruitment via healthcare providers

Meets or exceeds enrollment goals for sites, efficiently and cost-effectively

ClinOne’s extensive network of specialty physicians is part of this offering for all ClinOne trial sites

Bi-monthly emails ('Dear Doctor' letters) are sent to targeted specialty providers

Ongoing referral support, continuously customized to each trial site's needs

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Procedure Manager

Provides mobile and web-based visit and daily procedure management

A single study can require research sites to perform 400 to 800 investigational procedures per patient, or as many as 140,000 procedures if they have enrolled 3 patients per study across a portfolio of 30 to 60 studies.

ClinOne provides a powerful workflow management tool to manage every single, individual procedure to mitigate the potential of costly protocol deviations.


Community provides research sites with a central communication and interactive environment

ClinOne unifies research sites through its confidential digital community.

The technology provides sponsors with a platform to effectively communicate with hundreds of research sites and thousands of users across the globe.

The community can build an ongoing list of frequently asked questions for research sites to utilize as a resource.

Patients and their loved ones must feel empowered and fully connected while participating in a clinical trial

Patients and families need a new approach to rethink how connected and engaged they are within a clinical trial

Provide complete transparency to sponsors about their patients' experience and journey

By giving patients a way to provide constant feedback, they can become an active participant throughout the trial process.