According to Tufts CSDD, decentralized and hybrid trials finish 2-3 months faster with a net benefit up to 14x greater than the up-front technology investment.

How We Help
  • Make it easy for patients to participate
  • Improve medication compliance
  • Increase patient retention, convenience, and safety
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Uber Health

Up to 50% of patients cite transportation challenges as a reason not to enroll in a clinical trial. That figure only increases for:

  • Therapeutic areas such as Oncology where patients are physically burdened or exhausted
  • Patients who have financial hardship or rely on caregivers for transportation
  • Lengthy studies or those with many site visits
  • Trials with procedures that limit or restrict patients from driving

Thankfully, ClinOne has partnered with Uber Health to integrate reliable transportation options directly into our single platform.

With ClinOne Uber Health, patients and site staff can hail or schedule rides to/from site visits or other approved destinations – with all billing centralized and managed by ClinOne within your study budget. This relieves burden on patients, increases enrollment and retention, and reduces burden on sites.

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Medication Adherence

On average, 40% of clinical trial patients become non-compliant with self-medication protocols at 5 months on study, and it only gets worse from there. That’s why our single platform includes a dosing manager that uses interactive SMS to send medication reminders and receive confirmation from patients’ mobile phones.

As a result, one ClinOne customer achieved compliance as high as 98% compliance at 18 months on study – with an elderly population and a twice-daily dosing requirement. Read the full case study.

Whether it is for your study drug or background medications, ClinOne can help make sure your patients are compliant, so you can get a true assessment of how your treatment is working.

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DCT Patient Portal

One positive to come out of the global pandemic was the acceleration of the adoption of decentralized clinical trial solutions, which has helped expand access to patients in more remote areas and support diversity in clinical research. We explore this topic in detail in our white paper “The Evolution of Patient Technology in Cancer Clinical Research”

In addition to Uber Health and medication adherence, our DCT portal includes:

  • Video visits for up to 10 participants
  • Enterprise eConsent
  • Secure site and patient messaging
  • Visit scheduling using patients’ calendar of choice
  • Caregiver support and sharing with family
  • Digital concierge and trial resources
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If you want to know how patients are feeling during your clinical trial – why not ask them?

Unfortunately, paper diaries have been proven time and again to be unreliable with failures including…

  • Incomplete, illegible, and illogical responses with no ability for data quality edit checks
  • Entries are not time-stamped, inviting recall bias and the ‘parking lot syndrome’
  • Access to data is delayed by weeks, preventing proactive site follow-up, adaptive trial designs, or interim analyses

This introduces tremendous risk and hidden costs such as poor data quality requiring over-enrollment to compensate for lower study power, extra site monitoring expenses with numerous queries to resolve, and significant delay. Thankfully, for these reasons and more, the industry has largely moved on to electronic patient diaries.

As a BYOD solution, ClinOne eDiary makes it easy for you to capture trustworthy quality of life (QoL) data and other self-reported information, which are increasingly being used for labelling decisions – especially in Oncology where payers want to see a QoL improvement for drugs that have similar therapeutic benefit to existing treatments.

Our eDiary is simple and familiar for patients using their own mobile devices or internet browser of choice. It is an integral part of our true single platform which has been deployed for patients in 60+ native languages and 55+ countries around the world.

True Single Platform

ClinOne is a true clinical research platform. As opposed to products cobbled together from disparate systems acquired by M&A, we put the features patients and sites need in one place at their fingertips with a single user experience – helping them actively participate in your remote, on-site, or hybrid trial.