35% of patients who drop studies early cite a confusing consent process.

How We Help
  • Simplify the process for greater understanding
  • Enable remote consent with video
  • Eliminate consent-related audit findings
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Enterprise eConsent

Whether fully remote, on-site, or something in between, ClinOne eConsent simplifies the consent process to help patients – and their supporters and care team – make truly informed decisions. And when you set proper expectations and ensure understanding up front, you improve patient satisfaction, compliance, and ultimately retention.

ClinOne eConsent was developed for remote and global workflows years before the pandemic forced other providers to play catch-up. Our solution features:

  • Embedded video consent with up to 10 participants (patient, sites, PI, caregivers, family members, translators, LARs)
  • Multiple signer roles with custom signing order
  • Rapid deployment in 4-8 weeks from kickoff
  • Unrivaled API with webhooks to integrate with your systems
  • Secure tap-to-join mobile access for remote site staff
  • Efficient workflows to support multiple consent forms
  • Robust audit trails and status reports
  • Global acceptability with print-to-sign capabilities
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Ongoing Re-Consent

Managing consent following protocol amendments adds a significant burden to your sites – and significant risk for consent-related audit findings. Using ClinOne eConsent makes document version control seamless for sites and eliminates the opportunity for error by ensuring sites use the right version of each form, every time. In addition, sites are able to see at a glance which patients are compliant, and which need to re-consent on the latest version, so they are up to date at all times.

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Real Time Tracking

It can be challenging and frustrating to know how consent is tracking against your timelines and goals. With ClinOne eConsent, you have real-time access to review progress at the global, country, and site level – so you know where to direct your follow-up efforts and resolve potential issues before they become a problem for your trial.

eConsent Benefits

eConsent can benefit all patients in all studies, and is especially valuable for complex therapeutic areas such as Oncology with multiple consent types and frequent amendments. ClinOne built our eConsent solution to manage the most complex workflows so trials of all designs will feel as simple as possible.