A New Level Of Research Site And Patient Engagement 

There is a reason why over 2,300 active clinical trials across 

48 countries utilize our technology 

Web e-Portal

Unified e-Portal for research sites to access all of their clinical trials

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An Integrated Research Management and Patient Recruitment Solution

The future of clinical trial management is completely mobile, through a centralized technology platform that creates immense efficiencies

Mobile  App

Mobile extension to connect research teams across large institutions

Accelerating Research

Proven results for increasing engagement and accelerating recruitment 

Our minds process video content 600 times more effectively than reading documents. Let us develop a video strategy to help accelerate your study and eliminate errors by providing your institutions dynamic, easy to follow content. Our services range from recording investigator meetings, complex procedure videos to detailed training videos.

A few examples of research institutions that support our technology

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Delivering Study Content At The Point-Of-Care   

We can develop and enable specialized tools/calculators to improve study experience

Customization To Meeting 

Study -Specific  Requirements

We've built ClinOne to accommodate custom requirements and tools to assist your research institution's participation in your studies  

Specialized Calculators

Automated Workflow

We can customize and deliver automated site workflow to eliminate errors and protocol deviations

Integrated Patient Recruitment Technology To Maximize Enrollment  

 "Invite patients" to access a study-specific clinical trial dashboard

Your patients engage and interact with your clinical trial content

Real-time analytics and forecasting about your recruitment process 

Single e-Portal for research sites for all studies

Clinical trial content delivered securely into mobile app

Study-specific online community for engagement and connectivity

Secure mobile access to study documents

Stream study, training and procedure videos

Automated referrals from other physicians

We Help You Create Video Content


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Mobile workflow management 

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