Our Mission

Why ClinOne?

As CEO and Co-founder Rob Bohacs was creating ClinOne in 2016, his father was diagnosed with ALS. Rob’s in-depth knowledge of clinical research and his hands-on experience with sponsors and sites allowed him to help his parents navigate an overwhelming, stressful, and lonely process – and still they struggled. At the time, he was struck by how challenging and overwhelming it must be for people who don’t have access to a clinical research insider.

ClinOne has been on a mission ever since to drive real change by using technology to connect people, simplify site processes, and support families worldwide with a single platform and the industry’s fastest implementation.

What Makes

Us Unique?

True Single Platform

Many technology providers, often built by M&A activity, claim to offer a unified experience that will be easy for patients and sites, but behind the curtain they are still disparate systems that require multiple logins, have inconsistent UX, don’t integrate reliably, and cannot easily share data. ClinOne is a true single platform that was built for remote and on-site solutions from startup to closeout, providing value to customers throughout the entire trial.

Rapid Implementation

Our platform was created to be highly configurable while requiring minimal customization. That means we can support your unique requirements and streamline processes to provide the industry’s fastest implementation – averaging just 4 weeks or less for most studies.

Flexible and Cost Effective

We are a technology company with an efficient and agile product that allows us to provide tremendous value configured for your trial, from small pilot studies to large-scale pivotal trials, at a reasonable price.

Global Experience

Clinical research knows few borders, and your technology provider of choice must understand how to operate within the regulations and manage the logistics of every country where you have active sites. ClinOne’s platform has been successfully deployed in 53 countries and counting, which means we are a partner you can trust for your global trials.

All-star Team Focused on You

Founded in 2016, ClinOne may be a young company on paper, but we are wise beyond our years. The team leading us are experienced industry veterans who have spent decades running many of the largest companies in clinical research. And because we are still growing, customers receive focused personal attention from our expert operations, product, quality, and medical affairs teams to ensure your success.

Our Customers

Kura Oncology
US Oncology
MD Anderson