Only ClinOne makes the new patient journey a reality with one single platform to simplify clinical trials – featuring solutions to recruit and enroll eligible patients, engage and interact with study participants, and collect and monitor reliable outcome and safety data.

Registry Connection

Connect with patient advisory groups to share new trial opportunities

MD Referral

Engage ClinOne’s proprietary opt-in network of 600,000 specialists and providers to generate referrals of eligible patients to your local sites around the world


Simplify the consent process with remote and on-site technology that truly informs patients, tracks status in real time, and eliminates consent-related audit findings

Study Resources

Provide patients, families, caregivers and HCPs with the study info they need

Activity Management

Manage virtual and on-site visits using each patient’s calendar of choice

Patient and Caregiver Notification

Keep your trial top of mind with reminders and alerts that don’t get in the way of daily lives

Virtual Visits

Connect patients and sites with the ability to support multiple people on a call, screen sharing, and visual exams

Patient Courier

Support patients with reliable and safe transportation using Uber Health


Capture reliable quality of life data from patients around the world using BYOD or provisioned devices

Dosing Manager

Encourage and confirm medication adherence with reminders, alerts, and tracking