Powerful Workflow Management

A single study can require research sites to perform 400 to 800 investigational procedures per patient, or 140,000 procedures if they have enrolled 3 patients per study across their portfolio of 30 to 60 studies. ClinOne provides a powerful workflow management tool to manage every single individual procedure to mitigate protocol deviations. 

SOEM Detail

Access To Critical Details

To eliminate missed procedures and unnecessary protocol deviations, ClinOne has simplified how research sites manage and organize their patient procedures across multiple studies, arms and visits through our mobile workflow technology. The technology digitally connects entire research teams across a research site, building or campus. 

Real-Time Procedure Management

The technology unifies the study teams at research sites as a shared information source. As patients navigate their complex visits, the procedure manager monitors the completion of each study procedure by patient, across study arms, amendment and specifically for each visit. As procedures are completed, each study team member receives in-app notifications to avoid duplication or missed procedures.