Suite Of Technologies To Support Your Patients

42% of patients fail to meet study visit requirements after enrollment. Over 80% of studies fail to retain patients for the complete duration of a trial. ClinOne provides patients with a digital concierge to manage their clinical trial experience, assuring greater visit compliance and retention in studies. ClinOne’s technologies provide patients and their families a central resource to manage their visit calendar, guidance on travel/logistics with Google Maps integration, visit expectations, alerts and reminders, available across 30 languages.

CTC Dashboard
CTC Scheduler

Managing Patient Visits

92% of research sites are challenged with effectively communicating with their research patients resulting in missed appointments, insufficient preparedness for visits and lack of study engagement. ClinOne has integrated a secure messaging platform between research sites and research patients to provide HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted, continuous communication and document sharing. Study sponsors may also provide IRB approved study-level messaging to patients to maintain study engagement, provide study updates and safety updates with read confirmations.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Study documents and safety updates are critical for patients and their families. ClinOne’s Digital Concierge provides patients with a HIPAA compliant study management portal to manage informed consents, study documents and safety letters. Research sites and sponsors can upload documents into a patient’s document portal to build a complete online document library to improve the patient’s experience. Read confirmations are sent back to the research sites to improve compliance and documentation. 

CTC Secure Messaging
CTC Documents

Patient Study Documents

ClinOne provides an online document repository for patients and their families to access copies of informed consent, lab results, campus maps, at-home dosing instructions and any other study-related documents. The technology provides immediate access to critical documents for a patient’s clinical trial journey.