Recruit & Enroll

Success Begins

Before Your

Trial Does

Patient recruitment and enrollment is consistently one of the most expensive, time-intensive, and challenging aspects of any clinical trial.

Our technology helps to ensure more eligible patients know about your trial through specialist referrals and advocacy networks – and provides them the information they need to make an informed decision.

Accelerate your global patient enrollment and improve compliance and retention with MD Referral, Registry Connection, and eConsent on the ClinOne platform.

MD Referral

More than 90% of physicians feel their patients could benefit from a clinical trial, but referrals remain extremely rare – primarily due to a lack of information about study opportunities.

MD Referral on the ClinOne platform expands the reach of your recruitment efforts by automatically distributing “Dear Doctor” letters and regular trial updates to global physicians and specialists in our proprietary network.

This consistent and targeted outreach generates more referrals from physicians with eligible patients to nearby clinical sites – supporting increased enrollment and lower screen failure rates, especially in hard-to-recruit therapeutic areas such as oncology and rare disease.

Read this case study to learn how ClinOne helped one oncology study sponsor enroll 400 patients 5 months early – then contact us to tell us how we can help you achieve your recruitment goals.


Patients who understand what they are signing up for make more informed decisions – resulting in greater trust, satisfaction, compliance and ultimately retention throughout the trial.

By presenting dense study information in a digestible way, eConsent has consistently shown the ability to properly prepare people for the trial.

In addition to being the right thing to do for your patients, eConsent is an essential document version control resource for eliminating the consent-centric audit findings that commonly delay data lock – especially in complex studies with frequent protocol amendments and multiple separate consents.

ClinOne’s eConsent solution enables patients to access the entirety of the consent process from on-site visits, completely remotely, or anything in between.

  • Initial and reconsent management
  • ICF version and language control to ensure sites have access to the most recently approved forms
  • Global acceptability with eSignature options to meet country, study and site requirements
  • Automated eConsent log-In-person and remote workflows-Rapid deployment and implementation
  • Virtual visits with screen sharing for sites and patients to walk through the document together, engage in real-time Q&A conversations, and support identity verification

Registry Connection

Patients and their loved ones must feel empowered and fully connected while participating in a clinical trial – and pharmaceutical companies are always looking for ways to provide value back to enrolled and future study volunteers.

Registry Connection builds virtual communities to help patients identify and connect with others like them. These communities foster an important sense of belonging, compassion, and understanding while presenting them with new trial opportunities that may help them and others who share their indication. At the same time, it allows sponsors to quickly and efficiently communicate with active pools of potential study participants in order to reduce recruitment timelines and cost.

Your study’s operational success starts before First Patient In.

Let ClinOne help you increase your recruitment and enrollment rate by creating physician advocates, building patient communities, and preparing potential participants with eConsent.