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ClinOne CEO Rob Bohacs on HealthQuant Podcast

Hosted by Greg Matthews, the HealthQuant-DataPoint podcast today, January 7th, features our CEO Rob Bohacs. On it, Rob talks about the founding of ClinOne, how our technology helps both patients and sites, as well as sponsors, conduct trials more efficiently and transparently, and a little background on the origins and why Rob founded ClinOne.Listen to the podcast […]

Managing The Patient Journey: What the ClinOne Platform Can Do for Patients

Patients that utilize ClinOne’s technology to manage their journey are more engaged and more compliant – it’s that simple. ClinOne’s eConsent technology allows on-site and remote consenting – eliminating any consent deviations with our “active consent management technology.”ClinOne’s Dosing Manager keeps patients 97-99% compliant with self-dosing studies.Our Digital Concierge provides patients with a central place to view all their scheduled visits […]

Digital Concierge Keeping Patients Highly Engaged, Providing Cost-Savings to Sponsors

ClinOne’s Digital Concierge: Keeping Patients Highly Engaged, While Providing Cost-Savings to Sponsors   ClinOne makes navigating clinical trials notably easier for patients with its Digital Concierge. Digital Concierge manages the patient’s journey through clinical trials. This ultimately leads to major cost-savings for you, the sponsor. Digital visit planner – increasing compliance by 22%. In real-time, sponsors can […]

ClinOne and Boston Children’s Hospital Team Up, Enhance How Patients Consent into Clinical Trials

DENVER, CO  November 7, 2019 (Businesswire)  This summer, ClinOne and Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) launched ClinOne’s eConsent with Video eConsent technology within Boston Children’s Pulmonary Research Team. Dr. Gregory Sawicki, MD, MPH, Associate Director of their Cystic Fibrosis program is heading up this first rollout, working with the Pulmonary Research team within the hospital to […]

ClinOne’s eConsent for Sites: Advantages and Significant Savings

Our eConsent is a technology critical to clinical trial stakeholders and will eliminate any violations related to Information Assurance and Privacy (ICF) compliance while eliminating hundreds of work hours for sites. Improved workflow for patient consent: ClinOne has mastered the ideal workflow for the consenting process for patient and site coordinators. The technology uses our e-signature […]

ClinOne CEO promises to radically rethink how clinical trial patient caregivers interact with trials, and plans to compensate them all

DENVER, August 20, 2019 (Businesswire) As a part of ClinOne and our CEO’s personal mission, ClinOne will start compensating/reimbursing caregivers of clinical trial participants for their very significant contribution to research, and the incredible amount of support they commit in supporting patients through clinical trials. “In a personal story, when my dad was diagnosed with […]