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Uber Health & ClinOne: Making an Impact for Patient Transportation Challenges

Since the logistics involved in maintaining timely transportation to and from clinical trial appointments can be overwhelming for a patient (and his or her caregiver), it’s a much-cited barrier for trial participation. ClinOne has added Uber Health to our platform to make this journey easier for patients. The cost of a patient missing their treatment window, resulting in protocol deviation is a 50-fold increase when compared to the use of a ride-sharing service such as Uber. Our addition of Uber Health within our Digital Concierge helps to lessen this challenge for patients, sites and sponsors.

 Uber Health as a part of ClinOne’s Digital Concierge offers:

  • Step-by-step notifications to patients, their family members and their clinical trial sites which includes email and text reminders directly to their device for their Uber ride.
  • The cost of these services is inexpensive when compared to standard reimbursements for travel and parking at sites.
  • Families can log in to the patient’s shared Digital Concierge account and track their family member’s route to their study visit, as well as receive notification when the patient arrives at their appointment.
  • Sponsors have detailed access to the patient’s trip histories, analytics and aggregated invoicing for increased financial visibility and quality assurance – without adding administrative burden to research coordinators.​