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ClinOne’s Commitment to Building an Extraordinary Team Extends to Innovations in Virtual Engagement, Ensuring Time Off is Used, and Tracking a Team Restful Score

Focus on collaboration and a shared purpose has helped virtual clinical research platform grow triple digits annually - in bookings, revenue and headcount - since inception in 2016

Denver, CO – March 11, 2021 – ClinOne, a leader in virtual clinical trial management, is committed to building a world-class team that will drive product development, customer success, and global operations. The company has achieved triple-digit growth in bookings, revenue, and headcount each year since its inception in 2016 due to its experienced team. 

In order to support productivity and satisfaction in a remote world, ClinOne has invested in innovations for virtual engagement – including modern workflow tools, virtual happy hours, and online wine tasting classes – while providing unlimited PTO paired with an internally-developed Team Restful Score that is goaled and measured as a KPI.

“Unlimited PTO doesn’t mean much if you don’t use it – that’s where the Team Restful Score comes in,” said Sean Dockery (LinkedIn), CFO at ClinOne. “We measure progress toward each team member taking at least five consecutive days off per quarter, with no work emails, Slacks, calls, or meetings getting in the way. Especially these days, the lines between work life and home life have blurred. And because we’re such a hard-working group of passionate individuals, we sometimes have to remind each other to decompress and focus on our own relaxation and mental health. This goal helps everyone spend time with the people that matter most to them, keeps us all fresh and sharp for customers, and promotes us working in unison.”

In addition to improving its virtual workspaces, ClinOne manages four local physical offices in Denver, Philadelphia, Boston, and the UK with plans to expand further as the company continues to exceed growth targets.

“Although we’re a young company on paper, we’re wise far beyond our years,” said Rob Bohacs (LinkedIn), CEO and Co-founder of ClinOne. “Our company is run by the best of the best – innovative, high-energy, accountable, and proven industry all-stars who bring decades of experience leading many of the largest technology providers in clinical research. Since inception, we have and will continue to grow triple figures annually and we must help manage a work/life balance. Our teams inspire me every day, and I’m proud to see them combine networks and get excited about finding the next ideal person to bring in, which is so critical. Yes, we are a business, but we are a team defined by our passion – to help our customers improve the lives of patients and families around the world – and while we have one of the most comprehensive and unique virtual clinical trial platforms in the industry, our people are our true differentiator.”

To learn more about ClinOne and to learn about current opportunities to join the team, visit www.clinone.com. 

About ClinOne

The ClinOne solution and its suite of products are proven to accelerate clinical trial enrollment and remote patient care, compliance, and retention. The company’s sole mission is to strengthen connectively and management of participating researchers, patients, and caregivers on-site and remotely. ClinOne’s platform is HIPAA, FDA 21 CRF Part 11, and GDPR compliant, and has been used across 55 countries by more than 50 sponsors and 90,000 investigators since 2016. To learn more, visit www.clinone.com.