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ClinOne Announces Release Online Patient Matching to Improve Access to Clinical Trials

DENVERMarch 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ClinOne, a mobile clinical trial management solution, will soon add another technology into its product suite – the ability to reach and match patients to clinical trials online. While there are other solutions that offer online patient matching, ClinOne's approach is unique because it's a part of their integrated clinical trial solution.

"We want to provide every patient with a clinical trial option. We can do this through their existing institutions, their referring physicians with our MD Referral technology, and now with direct online engagement," said Rob Bohacs, CEO of ClinOne. "The majority of patients identify a clinical trial of interest online versus their current providers. It's the first step in understanding treatment options for patients in through web searches."

Starting in June, ClinOne will automatically link an active clinical trial to its online patient-matching website as an integrated solution, eliminating the duplication of costs and administration.

Research institutions occasionally provide a list of their clinical trials on their websites; however, the information is typically manually updated and with significant delays. ClinOne's central information source for patients allows patients to quickly and easily search clinical trial options, without the burden of searching institution by institution.

"Think of this as an Expedia or Kayak for clinical trial offerings," Bohacs says. "When you are facing a medical illness and are seeking additional treatment options, the last thing you want or need is to be burdened by an arduous search process."

Investigator-initiated studies rarely have the financial resources to involve direct-to-patient matching companies. This capability will be included in ClinOne's clinical trial suite, which will position ClinOne as a leader in online-sourced patient matching to clinical trials.

In addition, clinical trial sponsors often make significant investments to match patients online, instead of being a part of a single, integrated platform to match patients directly. ClinOne anticipates the cost savings to clinical trial sponsors could be 80-90 percent of their current recruitment costs.

About ClinOne

The ClinOne solution and its suite of products were created to improve clinical trial enrollment, retention and research site compliance. The company's sole mission is to allow important trial details to be at the fingertips of participating researchers and patients. Currently, more than 2,600 active clinical trials in 50 countries rely on ClinOne's suite of technologies. Visit www.clinone.com for more information.

SOURCE ClinOne, Inc.

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