Engage & Interact

Don’t engage your

patients and sites

– inspire them

Everyone wants to engage clinical trial patients and keep their study top of mind. But the reality is that these patients have full lives outside of the study. The best technology values their time, provides them with helpful information, and integrates seamlessly into their daily lives.

By integrating valuable resources and helpful tools into one BYOD app, ClinOne simplifies the trial experience and makes it easier for patients to participate.

We are passionate about empowering patients to share information with their families, connect with their trial site, and easily manage visits. Our platform effectively engages clinical trial patients – keeping them compliant and active in your study. Our customers have seen 20% increased retention after implementing our patient engagement solution.


We provide patients with a single destination to learn about the trial and their indication. Sponsors are able to host study-specific documents and link to external online resources like study updates, site information, or COVID-19 response when dynamic information is desired.

Featuring content tailored for various learning styles to support a diverse set of patients, we ensure the latest information for patients worldwide is only a few taps away.

Schedule of Events

Our activity manager integrates with each patient’s calendar of choice to simplify scheduling virtual and on-site visits. This results in fewer missed visits by removing any potential disconnect between their study requirements and personal appointments. Meanwhile, sites are able to see all scheduled patient visits in a single calendar view, which streamlines workflows so they can focus on more important tasks.

Share with Family

Patients do not participate in a trial alone. That’s why ClinOne lets them share study information and activities with loved ones and healthcare teams outside of the trial. This open communication ensures that caregivers and physicians are well informed.

Family members play such an integral role in a patient’s clinical trial participation decision and ongoing experience. So it is critical to keep them up-to-date on progress, study-specific tasks, and overall well-being.

Enhanced Virtual Visits

Virtual visits improve safety while reducing the burden of on-site visits. Now that they are an essential component of any trial design, you need an experienced platform your patients and sites can trust.

ClinOne fully supports native face-to-face virtual visits that can integrate with our eConsent platform and allow multiple people involved with a patient’s care to join the visit.

Convenient Patient Transportation

When site visits or lab draws require an in-person visit, the ability to manage transportation for patients is a valuable service that can reduce physical, mental, and financial hardships.

ClinOne partners with Uber Health to offer patients reliable transportation for clinical trial activities on the same single BYOD solution. This makes it easy to keep patients safe and compliant without adding burden or anxiety to patients or sites.

Secure Messaging

Trust is built on communication. With secure messaging integrated into the ClinOne platform, sites and patients are able to share pre-visit reminders, lab reports, informed consent forms, and post-visit follow-ups. It also enables patients to provide medical results to the study team, which may feed into eligibility criteria and safety monitoring.

Consistent and informative communication leads to a shared sense of ownership that increases compliance, retention, and personal pride for being part of a process that will improve the lives of future patients worldwide.