Central Nervous System


Neurology clinical research trials focus on diseases and conditions of the brain and nervous system such as Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. These are often categorized as CNS studies and require special services as patients are scarce or homebound, typically reside great distances from their research institutions, and have significant caregiver involvement.

The ClinOne platform significantly improves patient study experience, reduces risk, assists with travel challenges, and provides cost saving measures through technology.

Improve Patient Enrollment Through Specialist Referrals

MD Referral | Traditional recruitment methods typically underperform. ClinOne enhances your efforts by communicating directly with global specialists and physicians in our proprietary network who are located nearby your clinical sites and may have eligible patients to refer. ClinOne helps CNS sponsors find and connect with physicians who are eager to find clinical trials as a care option for their patients.

Prepare Sites with Few Patients for Success

Engage & Interact | Low enrolling studies create risk to site staff as they are less familiar with study details, given the very few patients per site. ClinOne’s workflow management solution allows sites to follow detailed schedule of events specific to the protocol versions and amendments, reducing protocol errors by 50%.

Enable Remote Consent Before Patients Travel to Research Sites

eConsent | CNS studies often require remote consents before traveling to research sites. ClinOne eConsent eliminates the risk of consents, sub-study consents and reconsents by providing streamlined consent technology and comprehensive audit log. ClinOne eConsent provides on-site and remote video consent capabilities to ensure timely consent opportunities and reduce unnecessary site visits. eConsent ensures patients and families understand the benefits and risks of the study so they can make an informed participation decision, which in turn supports increased compliance and retention, while minimizing or eliminating consent-related audit findings.

Help CNS Patients and Families Manage Their Study Experience

  • Event Manager provides a detailed schedule of events and visit guide to properly prepare the patients for each visit and reduce missed visit rate by 50%.
  • Telemedicine visits allow study teams to communicate directly with their patients and families in real time to assess symptoms, issues, and progress while reducing the time and effort of costly onsite visits. At the same time, Principal Investigators and research staff can assess the patient virtually and make treatment decisions regarding the study medications and effects.
  • Transportation is included through a seamless integration with Uber Health, including wheelchair assessable transportation.

Improve Safety and Eliminate Unnecessary Site Visits

Connected Devices | Integrating objective and biometric data from convenient wearable sensors can improve safety monitoring (e.g. SPO2, fall detection, blood pressure) and provide real-world insight into activity, sleep, and other digital endpoints. Increasingly, regulatory authorities are reviewing these data to make labelling decisions and assess the true impact of your investigational treatment on patients. Ensure you have the complete picture of patient response with connected devices on the ClinOne platform.

Improve Dosing for Self-administered Medication

Dosing Manager | Many CNS trials require patients to self-administer medication. ClinOne’s dosing compliance module raises dosing compliance to industry leading compliance rates of 92% dosing compliance at 12-months on study. Patients can complete their dosing diary from personal devices, further increasing convenience and compliance.