Capture & Monitor

The Endpoint Data

Your Trial Deserves

clintrial connect - platform to capture digital clinical trial data

Whether patient-reported, clinician-reported, or captured by a biometric measurement device, endpoint data must be complete, accurate, and timely. All of these are impossible to verify using traditional paper-based and manual methods. With ClinOne’s ClinTrial Connect, you can capture clinical trial data through one digital platform ensuring integrity and delivering more usable patient data.


Paper diaries can no longer be trusted for PRO endpoint data or labelling decisions. In addition to recall bias, unreliable compliance, and incomplete data, it places a tremendous data entry and verification burden on sites. It also delays your access to potentially critical real-time insights or interim analyses.

ePRO solve these problems and mitigate the hidden costs of data management, query resolution, and trial delays. And it enables adaptive trial designs and real-time notifications for safety, compliance, or interim analyses.

Using ClinOne ePRO will significantly improve the patient experience and your data quality so you can make better, faster decisions based on trustworthy data.

Our ePRO solution provides:

  • – The industry’s fastest implementation timelines
  • – BYOD support
  • – Reminders and alerts
  • – Dynamic low-compliance patient reports
  • – A pre-validated library of instruments
  • – Multi-modality deployment

Dosing Manager

Medication adherence in clinical trials is notoriously low. ClinOne makes it easy for patients to comply with their important dosing schedules by sending reminders as well as confirmations to/from their mobile phones, wearable devices, laptops and tablets.

Alerts are tailored for the protocol treatment schedule and for the patient’s specific time zone and native language. Sites receive weekly reports to enable proactive intervention as needed.

Encouraging patients to stay current with their dosing schedules, and verifying their compliance, is too important for your trial – and often for their well-being – to be left to chance.

Connected Devices

& Digital Endpoints

Technology is opening new pathways to measure real-world endpoint data between visits that were impossible to collect reliably before.

Wearable sensors can provide the insights you need to see the full effect of your investigational compound. For example, a patient may report no change in pain scores, but has gone from barely moving to walking 6,000 steps per day.

Meanwhile, ClinOne believes it is our responsibility not only to collect great data, but to help keep patients safe while they are home or away from caregivers through remote monitoring. Fall detection, ECG, glucose readings and other alerts can keep patients safer with fewer site visits by triggering real-time notifications that they may require immediate medical assistance.

Our interoperable platform makes it easy to integrate with connected devices of all kinds to capture passive continuous and event-based data from patients worldwide – often with direct-to-patient at-home shipments.

Digital endpoints captured through connected devices by ClinOne customers include, but are not limited to…

  • Heart rate at rest
  • Respiratory rate
  • Skin temperature
  • Gait analysis
  • Body position, activity, and sleep
  • Blood pressure
  • ECG
  • Pulse-ox
  • Weight

ClinOne’s digital platform allows you to capture clinical trial data with ease. With global availability, device choice consulting, and provisioning and logistics support, ClinOne has the experience and the expertise to make connected devices an integral component of your digital endpoint data capture and monitoring program.


Every site in your trial has different standards when it comes to organization, timely and accurate data input, and preparedness for remote monitoring.

eSource by ClinOne makes every site your best site by centralizing all data captured on our platform (including eConsent, connected devices, and ePRO/eCOA) as well as third-party scanned forms and images.

This ensures reliable source data verification and remote site monitoring readiness, so you can significantly reduce on-site monitoring costs and benefit from the peace of mind provided by eSource on the ClinOne platform.