Capture & Monitor

The Patient Data

Your Trial Deserves

clintrial connect - platform to capture digital clinical trial data

The best way to know how patients are feeling in your trial is to ask them. ClinOne makes it easy to capture reliable quality of life data with a BYOD eDiary solution alongside a Dosing Manager that uses interactive SMS to remind and confirm medication adherence – all on our single trial platform.


Paper diaries can no longer be trusted for quality of life data increasingly being used for labelling decisions. In addition to recall bias, unreliable compliance, and incomplete data, it places a tremendous data entry and verification burden on sites. It also delays your access to potentially critical real-time insights or interim analyses.

Using ClinOne eDiary will significantly improve the patient experience and your QoL data quality so you can make better, faster decisions based on trustworthy data.

Our eDiary solution provides:

  • The industry’s fastest implementation timelines
  • BYOD support
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Dynamic low-compliance patient reports
  • Multi-modality deployment

Dosing Manager

Medication adherence in clinical trials is notoriously low. ClinOne makes it easy for patients to comply with their important dosing schedules by sending reminders as well as confirmations to/from their mobile phones, wearable devices, laptops and tablets.

Alerts are tailored for the protocol treatment schedule and for the patient’s specific time zone and native language. Sites receive weekly reports to enable proactive intervention as needed.

Encouraging patients to stay current with their dosing schedules, and verifying their compliance, is too important for your trial – and often for their well-being – to be left to chance.