The FDA-cleared BioSticker medical device is designed to be discreetly worn on the upper left chest for effortless remote data capture for a simple “stick it & forget it” trial participant experience. The BioSticker is the first single-use medical device enabling 30 days of continuous vital signs monitoring. 

The BioSticker capabilities:

  • The BioSticker on-body sensor for medical grade remote monitoring of vital sign measurements and physiological biosignals
  • Medical grade monitoring and management for scalable remote care during trials
  • An effortless user experience with discreet and comfortable single-use design
  • Cost-efficient, continuous monitoring for up to 30 days with advanced analytics included
  • Medical grade data capture and clinically accurate insights
  • Personalized clinical intelligence and patient trending via BioReport through ClinTrialConnect
  • After 30 days of continuous monitoring, the BioSticker is automatically replenished

auto on-body detection


  • Respiratory rate at rest
  • Heart rate at rest
  • Skin temperature
  • Body position
  • Steps and activity level
  • Sleep status
  • Fall detection
  • Gait analysis
  • No charging
  • Reduces site visits
  • Proactive safety monitoring